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Tyne & Wear Invitational at Nissan





The full entry form will be available this week…


North East Open/Tyne & Wear Invitational @ Nissan – Sponsorship opportunities

Hartlepoolwadokai's Blog

NE Open August 2016In March we ran the North East Open Karate Championships in Darlington. This was one of the largest Karate events ever held in the North East with over 1000 people attending, and teams entering from all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, many of these being children.  These high profile events will get bigger and better every year.

We are seeking sponsors and therefore partners to be part of these prestigious Karate events including the North East Open and the Tyne & Wear championships at Nissan. This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to support the local community and gain excellent exposure of your brand. With Karate earmarked as an Olympic sport from 2020 this is an exciting time to get involved as a sponsor. We also have additional prestigious events coming up, including International championships which you could become involved in.

13312815_1612476295733933_5556525190819182453_n.jpg We are offering a number of…

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Full Karate / Little Ninjas / WadoFit Timetable


Thinking about starting?

Beginners are welcome to come along at any time.

  • Karate – Beginners can simply turn up without booking to start a 6 week Beginners course. These are £20 (6x 60min sessions) or £30 (6x 90min sessions). After the initial course, payment is done monthly via standing order.
  • Little Ninjas – Beginners need to be booked in advance by speaking to Amy on 07926 045935. These sessions are payable 4 weekly.
  • WadoFit – Beginners can simply turn up without booking, on a Pay as You Go basis. WadoFit is just £3.50 per session.


Great North Run – this weekend

One of our parents, David is doing the Great North Run this weekend. He’s decided to raise funds for our club whilst he does it, which is fantastic!


The club is currently raising funds through a variety of ways to replace the tired out Kick Masters (these are free standing kick/punch bags that literally, take a beating), and also replace the club-use gloves etc…

We’re about 1/3 of the way to our target so far after a Bag Pack event at Hartlepool Tesco, a raffle organised by the local branch of the Rotary Club and a very generous donation from one of the club families (who I won’t embarrass by mentioning their name here). We’ve also got a Sponsored Kickathon on 1st October at the club too – forms are available now.

If you would like to sponsor David & the club, you can do so by visiting his page here. There is also a paper sponsor form at the Dojo if you’d prefer to use that.

Good Luck David, and thank you very much for thinking of us…

Moscow State Circus = Awesome show!

Today we had the pleasure of visiting and supporting one of the clubs (& The North East Open’s) main sponsors, the Moscow State Circus. We have a very busy Karate schedule with most weekends taken up with Karate – just this weekend we had an open day and a birthday party at Dojo HQ and a squad competing in Leicester. Carl was also supposed to be in London for another event (which he skipped so he could catch this). So it was great that we could catch the show before it left the North East.


Sensei’s Lynne, Michael, Carl & Amy, along with Perrin (3 years) and Joe (1 year) arrived at Raby Castle with very little idea of what to expect. Our man who knows how to get things (we call him Red) introduced us to Anthony Anderson, who is one of the directors and wh is also from Hartlepool – it was great to finally meet face to face, if just for a quick chat before the show.

My cheeks were actually aching by the end from the laughing and smiling (and the occasional grimace). We’ve seen a lot of shows from the local theatre, to the West End to full blown Tokyo Disney and this matched any of the best for acrobatics and production value. We didn’t get many photos because we were too busy enjoying the show but we did get a couple of videos.

Despite the kids’ ages, they were absolutely glued to their seats. Joe didn’t blink when the women were in the giant bubbles. This video says it all I think…

I highly recommend this show, especially for kids. It’s fantastic!!! The show is heading South now, taking in Derby, Leicester and Worcester, where the club has many friends so visit the show if you can, you won’t be disappointed!!! #Awesome




Impressive medal haul….

A squad of 6 Hartlepool Wadokai students entered the Wadokai England National Championship in Leicester today. The six students made up of Lewis Muldown, Paul White, Mollie Cooper, Daniel Spires, Joe Hind and Harvey Kerridge, had a successful day.

The boys 13-15 years category ended up with an all Hartlepool final seeing Joe win gold and Harvey Silver. Paul won a gold medal in the 16-17 years, and Lewis got a silver in his first 18 years and above category after coming of age only the day before.

Harvey, Joe and Daniel won the under 16 years team category. Excellent timing on the day!

For pairs, Harvey and Joe won another Gold in the under 16 years. Mollie and Daniel came out with a well deserved bronze in the same category. These two have shown excellent dedication preparing for this.

Lewis and Paul came away with the Gold medal in the over 16 years pairs kata. Great timing boys!

Wadokai Comp Sep 2016

Fighting took place on the afternoon. Mollie was first up. Mollie had the biggest categories of the day, but still did well in her first time at this competition. She got through a round in kata, and kept her cool in her fight. A great experience.

Harvey came away with a silver in his individual fight and Joe got bronze in the 14-15 years under 60kg.  Paul and Lewis both had excellent fights coming away with Silver medals each in their age categories.

A successful day for team Hartlepool Wadokai, with lots to work on and a haul of medals to be proud of. High five!

Hartlepool Wadokai Open Day

Come along to our Karate club on Saturday 3rd September from 10.30am-12.30pm to see what we offer.

Open Day 2016

Karate is IN the Olympics!

News just in, Karate has finally been accepted into the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.


This is great news for our fantastic sport, and allows our athletes to compete on the worlds most prestigious arena.

Initially, there will only be a small number of athletes able to compete but this opens the door to further expansion (& full kumite weight divisions?) in the future.


Hopefully, this will be the catalyst we need to overcome a lot of the political infighting that too often gets in the way. I also personally would like to see WKF statute 21.9 being removed completely as I see it (in England at least) as an unnecessary barrier for athletes.

I would like to thank everyone who has worked on getting Karate into the Olympics. Some Karate-ka have spent decades on this and their dedication has finally paid off. Thank you so much.

Summer Holidays timetable

Please note that the Karate timetable for the school summer holidays is now as follows:

HW Summer Holiday Timetable 25th July - 1st September ONLY

These class times are valid until 31st August. The normal timetable will resume from 1st September.

Bank Holiday Monday 29th August – the full club will be closed on this day.

Little Ninjas – All classes are on as normal throughout the holidays except Monday 1st & Monday 29th August when the classes will not be running.

WadoFit, Competition Classes, High Performance Classes – All of these sessions re-start from 1st September at the usual times.