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Throston After School Club break up

Group shot of some of the kids at their last After School karate class today before breaking up for the summer holidays. We usually have about 20 in the first class, and 7 or 8 in the second but with it being so close to the official school summer break, a lot of kids have already gone on holiday.

The kids at Throston School are great, they range from 5 years up to about 8 and we’ve been teaching the same group of kids since September last year. I think what is really great is that they are all still white belts, and they are still training just as hard as when they first started! How many kids do you know that would be happy staying a white belt for a year? Anyways, we’ll be having belt tests in September ready for the massive influx of new kids to the classes. Good times…

This post was a test to see if i could upload with my phone, and after some tinkering, i’ve figured it out. (all I had to do was ‘tick’ a box at the bottom 🙂

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