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Archive for August 4, 2010

The use of YouTube in Karate clubs…

Our Karate club recently purchased a really cool new Sony Handycam (Camcorder). It’s really compact, meaning that it fits easily into our kit bag and totally idiot proof, meaning that even I can operate it and make it do what it’s supposed to… One of the reasons for this purchase is to use it to record our performances in Kata / Kumite etc… (And our students) on a more frequent basis. Sites like YouTube allows us to post instructional videos for our members to see, and also our student’s performances… then give the students private access to the video’s for them to study – perfect for during the holidays!

During the Wado World Cup & Japan Nationals, we’ll be recording a lot of JKF-Wadokai kata and posted the videos online as their is a big shortage of footage available.

After the Wado World Cup*, we’ll be posting Kata videos performed by Amy and I for our students to study.

*We’re not posting them BEFORE the WWC because we can’t let our competition see how good/bad we are 🙂

Fighting fit…

Just a quick update to let my few readers know that I’ve been given the ‘green light’ from the Physio, I’ve moved on from RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to MICE (Movement, Ice….) And I’ve been authorised to do some light stretching today too. Seiza is still beyond me, but another day or so and I’ll be 100% fit… ok, maybe 99.9% fit.

It’s been an eye opener being on crutches when out and about, I know people are trying to be helpful but some naturally assume that you can’t quite manage to open doors etc… or wait your turn at queues. It became quite frustrating so I quickly returned the crutches and made do with limping along everywhere instead… One of the England squad suggested that I practise the famous Karate Kid crane kick (see vid)

But instead, I was reminded of the equally famous (In Britain at least) Monty Python comedy sketch ‘The Black Knight’… One of the most memorable scenes from the  Python library… ‘it’s only a flesh wound…!’

This video clip is NOT SUITABLE for younger viewers:

Special Thanks…

The parents (who are also instructors at our Karate club) are on holiday this week so it was always going to be a busy last week in England. Mr Vince has been a great help this week despite being full of the dreaded MAN-FLU, he’s been helping at all the classes and it’s much appreciated. Amy has been a superstar this week too. She was already working everyday this week, and then she would have been training in between. She’s managed to change all of her shifts at work to early morning shifts to lead our Karate classes each evening. This isn’t the ideal situation as Amy’s now on the go almost non stop from 7am until 9pm each day.

Now, I need to start packing and sort out my ITunes playlists…