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Archive for August 6, 2010

Tall Ships Confession…

I have a confession to make… my packing for Japan is  really not going well. In fact, it’s not happening at all. I managed to iron 12 Karate suits yesterday (and it took hours!) which is really a pointless act because the flight to Japan is only going to undo all my hard work anyway! …apart from this, I’ve not really accomplished anything…

The main reason for my packing inadaquecies? The Hartlepool Tall Ships 2010 event… this is without doubt the biggest event to ever be held in my home town and the timing of it is just terrible. I can’t understand why the organisers didn’t check my schedule before picking the date for this event… they must have realised that we’d be heading to Japan on Sunday 8th (Tall Ships – Saturday 7th – Monday 10th).

I’ve been making excuses to head over to my parents house on Hartlepool’s ‘Headland’, their house offers fantastic views over the Hartlepool Bay, and is perfect for watching the Tall Ships coming in to birth.

This video shows the Russian ‘MIR’ sailing under tug escort into the deep water harbour.

(The TV Show ‘HOUSE’ is playing in the background…)

Tomorrow our Karate club, Hartlepool Wadokai will be running a FREE KARATE Taster Session in the Earth Zone at the Tall Ships event (10am-11am) so I’ve just taken a walk through the Tall Ships Village to scout out where we’ll be. There is so much going on, tons of live music and entertainment, food stalls from all over the world etc… the town has a truly international feel and only a handful of the ships have arrived so far (some were held up due to lack of wind in the North Sea).

You can find out more about the Hartlepool Tall Ships 2010 here