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Archive for August 14, 2010

Wado World Cup, Kata Video’s

Most of the video’s were recorded from the stadium seating and they aren’t very good for studying techniques etc… these are the few that I recorded myself from the side of the mat:

Senior Men, Individual Kata Quarter Finals – RED – Regis Perez (France) vs BLUE – Kosei Yuda (Japan) RESULT – 5 flags to Japan.

Senior Women, Individual Kata Round 1 – RED – Zoe Hartmann (Switzerland) vs BLUE Louise Fisk* (NewZealand) RESULT – 5 flags to NewZealand. *Louise is last year’s Shiramizu Intern & my Karate Sister 🙂

Tomorrow is the Semi Final through to the final rounds. In Kata this generally means that the performances get better and better. In Kumite however, it generally means that the bouts get less and less interesting to watch because the fighters become more ‘cagey’ – more aware of messing up at this late stage and missing out on the glory. I’ll record as much as I can and post them onto FB/YouTube etc…

Wado World Cup – Day 1 RESULTS

It was a mixed bag for Team England, with some great performances & some disappointments. The main disappointment being my performances or lack there of in Individual Kumite were I lasted an impressive 10 seconds before having to pull out due to my knee instability, Individual Kata was looking to be a go when I was warming up before the event. I got through a really nice performance  of Niseishi, and then ended up on my backside the second time around. I changed it to Seishan and couldn’t keep the stances. It was with a very heavy heart that I had to forfeit yet again this time before even getting on the mat. It was a double blow because I was the only Men’s Kata Competitor seeded, and my opponent wasn’t particularly great.

There may be some errors as I did this really quickly BUT The full results as they stand are below:

Men’s Kata (Pool 2) hadn’t been posted and the Team events were still going on when we left the venue.

I’m really pleased with Amy, she’s got through to the Semi’s in Individual Kumite, and finished in the top 8 for Kata but lost out to Japan for a place in the Semi’s tomorrow. Louise (my Karate Sister) made it through to the Semi’s tomorrow.

The England Men’s Team just missed out to an Oscar Worthy Iranian Team with the guys looking a bit battered afterwards. Sensei Lee Minion & Sensei Jamie Jewell had to take my place and Joe Cox’ place in the team, unfortunately Lee didn’t get to fight. Alex Wickens fought VERY well with a 10-7 win and got a dislocated thumb for the trouble. Martin held is own but couldn’t get the scores for his hits, Jamie was up against the Oscar winner himself and lost a contact lens and got a bust up eye for his trouble. Jevaun was on fire with his awesome footwork but again couldn’t turn it into points. The team went down fighting 3-1…

I haven’t actually taken a good look at the results so far, so I can’t really comment on the rest as yet.