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September 2010 will be a busy month for Hartlepool Wadokai with lots of new projects starting up. This is in addition to our regular 20 hour’s of classes per week.

We’re restarting our Reception Karate Classes at West Park Primary School. We ran these last year and they were very popular with the school and the kids, a number of them transferred to our main club once they were old enough. This is one hour a week, (2x 30min classes) teaching 3-5 year olds FUNdamentals incorporating basic Karate movements and some work on soft focus pads. This is a great way to introduce the kids to the ‘rules’ of learning Karate.

Our new Women’s Self Defence & Fitness Classes start up with a pilot this month too. This class is already fully booked and we even have a waiting list! This pilot is being funded by the Hartlepool Borough Council’s Sports Development team because our club development plan mirrors a lot of the local authorities targets.

Finally, we’ve got some Workplace Health Fitness/Self Defence sessions running. These are also funded by the local council and the sessions will be targeting council staff including the Primary Care Trust/NHS & Fire brigade staff. These sessions will be run during lunch breaks at central locations making them accessible to council staff.

If you’d like any further information about these sessions, then please contact me on 07984 798634 or via email carl at hartlepoolwadokai dot com (spelled out to stop spam!).

We’ve also got a number of events this month:

Saturday 18th September – Hartlepool Wadokai Annual Sponsored Walk
This walk is done every year to raise funds for the club-only championships which will this year be held on Sunday 17th October. To download your own sponsor form, please click here.

Saturday 25th September – Wayne Otto Kumite Seminar
This course is once again hosted by our friends at TASK and will be held in Stockton. This is a great opportunity for students to train with one of the world’s most successful Karate competitors and the current English All-Styles National Coach.

Sunday 26th September – Hartlepool Wadokai FIRST AID Course
This course is run by Mr Paul Suggit (http://www.trainingfirstaiders.co.uk/) who works closely with the HM Coastguard. This course only has a few spaces left so please get in touch asap to book a place. Costs: Committee Members – FREE; Club Members – £15; Non-Members – £20, first come first served.

There will also be a club grading once we’ve held an Instructors meeting to decide the date and venue.

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