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Hartlepool Wadokai Annual Sponsored Walk

Every year we hold an annual sponsored walk to raise funds for our club-only championships. This event helps reduce the entry fees for the competition but more importantly its a great team building exercise.

This years sponsored walk was supported by 80 members of the club and their families. We also had the local Police Beat Team come along consisting of PC Keith Robinson (Park, Elwick & Dalton Ward), PCSO Cath Jones (Park, Elwick & Dalton Ward), and PCSO Ian Heslop (Rift House Ward).

The weather was thankfully cooperating and it was clear skies all day. We met at Owton Manor Primary School and most of us had time for a quick cup of coffee whilst the stragglers turned up. Once everyone arrived we took some group shots and got started on the walk.

After a few minutes we arrived at one of the country lanes and from their onto the public footpath across the fields to Dalton.

We had a short rest there and then headed along the footpaths once more, this time towards Summerhill. All the kids immediately hit the climbing boulders, rope swings and slides of the park whilst some of the older ones took a cat nap.

Some of the kids were just too much trouble… so we had to lock them up!

When everyone was starting to get a little hungry, we walked along the footpath and back to the school for hot dogs, burgers and drinks.

A special thanks must go out to the three Police officers who came along, this sort of partnership working is great for building a strong community. Also thanks to Jeff and Liz Gray who manned the fort and had delicious burgers cooked and ready for us getting back. Finally, a huge thank you to all Tue students, friends and families for giving up their mornings for the club.

…now please get your sponsors in as soon as possible!

Hartlepool Wadokai Women’ Self Defence & Fitness Class

Last night we had our first ever Women’s Self Defence & Fitness Class at Owton Manor Primary School. Hartlepool Borough Council’ Sports Development team have funded our six week trial through their ‘Women Begin 2…’ program. We set a maximum of 20 people for the trial and 17 turned up for the first session. We also ‘encouraged’ Becky from Sports Development to join in too.

Lynne & Amy both led the session which started with a complete breakdown of how to make a fist and punch. The session then moved onto sets of padwork drills etc… The session finished off with a simple confidence exercise.

I personally think that the first session was a complete success. I came into the session towards the end of the class and the atmosphere was very positive and relaxed. Everyone was working hard, but also more importantly having a great time doing it.

Japan Nationals Results – Japanese only


I’ve been looking long and hard for an online list of the Japan National results and have finally found them:


They are mostly in Japanese, but you can pick out the occasional foreign name.

Also, the following two downloadable documents may be of interest:




These are downloadable MS EXCEL documents with the Kata & Kumite draws from the Wado World Cup 2010, as listed in the official programs. If I get chance I’ll highlight them so that it shows who won and how… enjoy.

we’ve failed miserably…

Every Friday we have to lay down approx 100 jigsaw mats before our community Karate classes can start and then take them up again afterwards. It was during this after training ritual that us veteran Karate instructors realised our major shortcoming… Most of our students were unaware of who these two legends are:

I thought it was universally accepted that everyone had seen ‘Enter the Dragon’ and had at least one decent Chuck Norris joke… I apologise to the world for our failure, we must try harder…!