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Archive for September 14, 2010

Hartlepool Wadokai Women’ Self Defence & Fitness Class

Last night we had our first ever Women’s Self Defence & Fitness Class at Owton Manor Primary School. Hartlepool Borough Council’ Sports Development team have funded our six week trial through their ‘Women Begin 2…’ program. We set a maximum of 20 people for the trial and 17 turned up for the first session. We also ‘encouraged’ Becky from Sports Development to join in too.

Lynne & Amy both led the session which started with a complete breakdown of how to make a fist and punch. The session then moved onto sets of padwork drills etc… The session finished off with a simple confidence exercise.

I personally think that the first session was a complete success. I came into the session towards the end of the class and the atmosphere was very positive and relaxed. Everyone was working hard, but also more importantly having a great time doing it.