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Archive for July 15, 2011

End of Term at Throston Primary



Today was the last After School club of the school year at Throston Primary School. We finished off with a recap of some key skills, some team fighting (2 vs 1; 6 vs 1) and also a belt test for some of the white belts that have trained with us for the past school year.

Congratulations to Ryan, Jamie, Amber, Nadine, Lauren, Charlotte, Sarah on passing their 10th Kyu grades.

Also a massive thank you to all the students (& obviously the parents) for the many thank you cards and presents. They were completely unnecessary but we appreciate it all the same. One of the quotes in the cards ‘thank you for being the highlight of my child’s week’ – we’re obviously doing something right.

Special Guest


We were visited by Sensei Matt Graham from Askam Karate Club on Tuesday. Sensei Matt is a good friend of the club and it was a pleasure to have him attend.

Some of our club instructors have been visiting Askam Karate Club over the past two years or so, working with their instructors and sharing training tips and ideas. The Karate training of the Hartlepool Wadokai Summer Camp (this coming weekend) is also kindly being hosted by Askam Karate Club.