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Archive for October 9, 2011

Club Training & Grading, Pre-Dan Test

08.10.11, Belle Vue Sports Centre

Yesterday, we held a club grading for those that have reached the required standard in regular classes. The grade consisted of a 2 hour training course, followed by the actual test. Considering some of the kids were as young as five, they all did exceptionally well! Congratulations to the following:

9th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

  • Leyton Davis
  • Sophie Hill
  • Callum Pedley
  • Jessica Egglestone
  • Alex Lissah
  • Joe Yellow
  • Ellie Mullender
  • Thomas Wilkinson
  • Jack Stephenson
  • Isaak Hill
  • Jacob Hill
  • Sonny Paylor
8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
  • John
4th Kyu (Purple Belt)
  • Phil
Also well done to the following for training:
  • Paul Mullender
  • Chris Lindridge
  • Oakley Lindridge
  • Sashenka Lindridge
  • Bailey Lindridge
  • Daniel Spires
  • Vince Dawkins
  • Beth Gray
  • Daniel White
  • Lewis Muldown
  • Roy Salmons
  • Jasmin Langley
  • Joel Copeman
  • Luke Dawkins
  • Bailey Reed
  • Connor Dougherty
  • Harvey Kerridge

After the Junior training & grading, we held another 3 hour session for our advanced grades. This was to keep Mr Vince & Beth (our two Dan Grade/Black Belt candidates) on their toes and to see if they are ready to take the black belt test next month.  It was also a good opportunity to see where our other brown belt students are at, and see what needs working on ahead of their potential December grading.