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Archive for October 11, 2011

Club-Only Karate Championships

At the end of the 2010 Club Championships

I’d like to remind all of our members that the ‘Hartlepool Wadokai Club-Only Karate Championships‘ will be taking place on Sunday 16th October at the Belle Vue Sports Centre. Registration will start from 9.30am and the event will start from 10am prompt. We are aiming to finish by approximately 4pm.

As the name suggests, this competition is only for our club and is therefore a perfect chance for students to try competition Karate for the first time. The event categories have been created to ensure that students compete within their current abilities and EVERY student will receive a custom made medal, just for taking part. We’ve got categories specifically for beginners (White & Red Belts) too, so our newer students won’t be ‘out of their depth’.

Entering competitions is by no means compulsory but as instructors, we feel it important for all students to compete at the earliest opportunity. Karate Competition provides a great opportunity for students to develop transferable key life skills such as:

• Healthy/active movement patterns
• Positive Attitude
• Increased Confidence
• Self Belief
• Life Long Learning
• Character Development
• Increased Attention Span
• Increased Social behaviour
• Social Acceptance
• Personal Skill Development
• Overcoming Obstacles
• Dealing with pressure
• Dealing with winning/losing
• Aiming for Excellence
• Overcoming Nerves

All of these life skills are learnt in regular Karate classes but we believe that the learning is accelerated in a competition setting.

We’ve invested over £1400 into this competition to ensure that the event is of the highest quality, just what our students deserve. We now need the support of parents and students to ensure the event is successfully attended.

I’ve attached the competition entry form and the latest club events calendar. ALL competition entries and fees must be received by Wednesday 12th October.

If you require any further information about this or any other event, then please contact me on 07984 798634, via email or speak to one of the officials/instructors at the club.

Best regards,

Hartlepool Wadokai