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Archive for October 16, 2011

Hartlepool Wadokai Club-Only Championships – Rogues Gallery


Individual Mugshots of the competitors, and Podium pictures from today’s Club-Only Championships.

…Action shots will follow


Hartlepool Wadokai Club-Only Karate Championships 2011

Today we had our 8th Annual Club-Only Karate Championships, held once again at the Belle Vue Sports Centre in Hartlepool.

The competition started at 10am, and all events were done and dusted by 1.15pm (with a 30min lunch break!). Everything was cleaned away by 2pm. I’d like to personally thank all of the officials, students, parents and our dedicated volunteers for once again making sure everything ran like clockwork.

(Note to other comp organisers: We ran Kata events across 3 areas and Kumite events across 2)

To download a copy of the results, please Click Here.