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Archive for October 19, 2011

Wadokai European Karate Championships 2011

Today and Tomorrow morning sees members of Hartlepool Wadokai heading to Lisbon, Portugal to take part in the Wadokai European Karate Championships as part of the Wadokai England Karate Team. Veteran’s Carl, and Amy will be joined by squad newcomers Bailey Reed and Jasmin Langley. The team of four will be joined by Lynne and Michael, both judges at the event and a bunch of parents who will be cheering everyone on.

The four Hartlepool competitors have each been selected for every possible category they could have, those are: Individual Kata, Individual Kumite, Team Kata, Team Kumite so it’s going to be a very tough and very busy weekend but they will all no doubt do there very best.

We’ll try to keep everyone updated (it depends on the internet connection in Portugal) in some way, either through the club social network (Facebook, Twitter, this blog), or by good old fashioned telephone.