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Archive for December 14, 2011

Fitness testing Part 2


Tonight we carried out a number of sport science tests on our competitors. These tests form part of Sensei Carl’s ‘Analysis of Sports Performance’ module in his Sports Coaching & Exercise Degree at Hartlepool College Of Further Education.

The tests were as follows:

The ‘illinois agility run test‘, Power on an electronic shield with Gyakuzuki (reverse punch). And finally we recorded a number of kumite matches from each fighter. This will be analysed by the clubs referee’s over the holidays for favourite techniques used, scoring techniques, movement patterns etc… and areas of improvement.

All this data will be used as part of the 2012 squad training program for our competitors.

(Special thanks to Mikaela White for working the video camera)

Self Defence


For the past six weeks we’ve been running a Self Defence course for teenagers at Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

All the students involved took to the program very positively and we were able to progress through very basic one-to-one scenarios through to dealing with groups.

We spent a lot of time working on overcoming the initial ‘flinch-freeze’ response when under pressure coupled with various body manipulations and strikes.

We also covered ‘Awareness & Avoidance’ and the ‘Fight or Flight’ response.

In all it was a good introductory course and will hopefully give the attendees more confidence.

We’ve given each of the attendees a free months trial at our community classes for January so we hope they take up the offer.

Fitness Testing Part 1


Today Amy and Carl had the (dis)pleasure of taking part in some fitness tests at Teesside University. These formed part of Sensei Vince’ final year of his Sports Coaching & Exercise Degree. After a brief warm-up we worked on a bike which was hooked up to a computer which gave incremental resistance for a shattering 30 seconds. Our legs felt like jelly afterwards. Next was a ‘sit & reach’ test, grip test and as the photo above shows a vertical jump test.

We’ll publish  the results on here when we get them.

Carl was particularly pleased with his jump results but the lab technician decided the results must be dodgy because the score was similar to what pro basketball players get… hmmm…

A number of other club members are also taking part in the tests over the next few weeks too. It will be interesting to see the final results.