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Public Service Announcement – Wadokai England Squad Selections

We were confused to hear today that Wadokai England Squad Selections were to be taking place in five days time on Saturday 19th May. This is contrary to the date we were originally given at the start of the year.

It appears that this date has been changed for whatever reason, but it hasn’t been disseminated to the member clubs. At least four clubs didn’t know about the date change – including 2 Wadokai England Squad Coaches?

We understand that it is somewhat unprofessional to ‘hang your dirty washing out to dry’ in the public domain by raising concerns on the blog like this, but I feel forced to ask these questions in the public domain because we are still awaiting a reply from the Wadokai England Committee to a letter that we sent on 20th February 2012 (a staggering 84 days ago!). The letter asked a lot of questions and sadly not one of them have been answered. Hopefully this will prompt a response from the ‘powers that be’.

Also, I have been banned from emailing the Aiwakai Chairman or the Wadokai England Committee or coaches directly. This is despite the fact that I am CEO of Hartlepool Wadokai, the longest standing Wadokai England Squad Member, and it is my job to manage all aspects of the club. I’m also a nationally qualified judge, and have a degree in Sports Coaching so I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about.

How else can I get answers?

Why wasn’t the date change emailed out to squad members? I understand that this new date has been posted on Facebook and the Wadokai website but unless you actually check these regularly, you wouldn’t know. Also, there is no mention of the May date changing on either. It simply lists the dates so unless you were specifically looking for changes, it would be easy to miss.There were also no squad training sessions listed in the latest edition of the Aiwakai newsletter for May, there was for April & June though? and no mention of Selections at all anywhere.

We are not the only club to have been in the dark with this date change either, the issue was originally raised by one of the new Junior squad coaches? because like I say, we didn’t even realise there had been a date change. One of the Senior Squad Coaches also didn’t know the date had been changed?

I can’t understand why once again we have been left out of the loop and not kept fully informed. This is unacceptable and the cynical side of me thinks it’s either through deliberate actions or mismanagement, either way I have serious doubts about the Wadokai England management team being able to do what is required to run the squad effectively.

We are now in a position where we have made no transport arrangements, we have no drivers and the kids have 5 days notice to get ready for selections. This is entirely unfair and unreasonable.

I would like written confirmation of the date, time and venue of the squad selections before we make arrangements to travel anywhere.

We are not happy about this at all.

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