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Wadokai England – Selections Update

What a difference a day makes… Letter from Wadokai England Chairman regarding Squad Selections.

Selections will now take place on Saturday 19th May & another Selections will take place on Saturday 16th June.

In response to the Wadokai England Chairman’s letter, I’ve also uploaded the original spreadsheet emailed out by him on 27th October 2011 at 22:35 which clearly lists 26th May as a date. – Wadokai England 2012 dates. People should hold their hands up and admit when they’ve made a mistake, as they happen to the best of us, and they would be respected a lot more for admitting that they’re only human – rather than try to blame the mistake on others.

The Chairman’s letter also highlights yet another issue too. What is this ‘Lisbon Sakagami Competition’? and once again, why don’t all squad members know about it and have the chance to go? If it is limited to selected students then why aren’t the most successful competitors going?

Fun and games…

2 responses

  1. Mairi

    I wouldn’t normally respond, but this post impacted my training session this evening as I spent more time thinking about it than thinking about what I was doing, and if it impacts my training it is indirectly impacting my competition performance. I feel that if I’m impacted by it then others will be too and if I am going to feel any emotion towards a posting I wish it to be of the positive nature. This is why I have replied.

    Regardless of the paper and blame trail, the date for May’s selection were mentioned numerous times at the last training sessions. I can’t claim to recall the exact date, I don’t work my diary that way, I live life on the edge taking each day as it comes (ha, if only it wasn’t that I was so disorganised) but I know the students, coaches and parents were all told to come close so that they could be informed about selections, dates, the introduction of new coaches etc. I don’t know exactly what was discussed as I do tend to daydream but I know it included all of the above plus some recent results.

    I too was surprised when the Lisbon Sakagami Cup was announced, but like the May training date it was announced at last squad training. Connie spoke about how the generation of more funds through the increased attendance at squad training had the potential to help us as athletes attend events that we may not be able to attend otherwise over the coming years. The Lisbon Cup is a senior male team round robin event organised by Portuga). At first I was disappointed that Portugal would host a male only event (but that’s their loss) and that WKE would choose to send a team, but as I have thought about it more I am pleased that WKE are looking to support people going forwards. The “me, me, me” attitude will get me nowhere, so I intend to train and complete hard and wait for my turn. I have to do this because; if WKE is to start supporting us it has to start somewhere and I have to believe, in order to remain focused, that one day (they better hurry up because I’m running out of time!!!) I will get the same opportunity. I intend to share my thoughts with the other athletes and wish those going to Lisbon the best of luck. The squad as a whole will benefit from a strong senior squad.

    Last year the squad and coaches were all pulling in the same direction with great team moral and we had a great trip to Portugal. Over the last few months the squad has built on this with the atmosphere at training buzzing, the best it has been in years. I would like to retain, and even build on this from within the squad for the future generations to enjoy but to do so I need positive vibes, not negative ones. I support the decisions made by the committee and coaches as I believe that they are actually working to support us, they may not be the best at communicating their intent, or reasoning, but beneath it all they are trying to help. After all, if we are successful then they are successful, so what would the logic be behind trying to do otherwise?

    For any squad member that reads this, please can I ask that instead of replying to this you get you a**e training, as I am a firm believer that those who can do it, do it, and those that can’t do it talk about it… I do not intend to reply as I will be out running 😛

    Please can we have positive posts; they are always more fun and inspiring to read.

    Wado love (cheesy saying robbed from a good friend)!

    May 15, 2012 at 8:49 pm

  2. Spoken like a true spokesperson M 🙂

    I would love to just post positive posts but life isn’t all shiny and bright. You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.

    I’ve said what I needed to, and people will make up their own minds.

    The unfortunate thing about the wrong date is that when you have to do a 300 mile round trip for every squad its a significant cost in time & money (especially when our coaches have to put holidays at work to take the kids) , and we plan our club calendar 12 months ahead so to get five days notice of selections isn’t right.

    Maybe if/when you get your own club you will understand what its like to have to pick fights every now and again to get straight answers for your students.

    I do agree with you though, any squad members reading this should be training instead. Champions aren’t made at computer screens.

    Enjoy your run 🙂

    May 15, 2012 at 9:33 pm

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