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Club Training & Grading Weekend

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2013

The club has just finished holding a Training & Grading weekend. It was an opportunity for students to train for 6 hours across both days and specifically cover their grade syllabus. Those that were ready after the course were able to take the test for their next belt on the Sunday afternoon. The course attendance was much higher than we expected but all in all it was a successful weekend event.

Congratulations to everyone who trained, especially our younger students who are not accustomed to training for so long in one go.

A big well done to those that passed their grades.

This was the first weekend-long grading that we’ve done and we’re likely to tweak the format a little bit for the next one. e.g. We’ll most likely stagger the training & grading times for the different graded students.

We’ll also be fully rolling out our new grading syllabus for the next grading too. One or two students were also awarded the ‘new’ belts today which will help make the grades more achievable for the younger students, without ‘dumbing down’ the syllabus.

I’d like to thank the instructors and assistant instructors for helping out over the weekend.

Well done everyone


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