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How to make a proper cup of tea…

The definitive guide to making a proper cup of tea for the nice folk at Hartlepool Wadokai Karate Club.

There has been some serious discussion at the Hartlepool Wadokai Dojo HQ (126 Whitby Street South, Hartlepool, TS24 7LP) about how to make a decent cup of tea. Too many people insist on following their own method, which is fine for themselves but… we have very exacting standards and if we allow the tea making standard to slip then who knows where we’ll end up.

We have therefore decided to intervene before the situation gets out of control.

How to make a proper cup of tea:
Step 1 – Pre-heat the cup with hot water

Step 2 – Pour out hot water into washing up bowl (this can be used to wash the cups after the tea drinking has been done – we don’t want to waste water!)

Step 3 – Add one Tea bag to the cup

Step 4 – Add hot water to the cup, filling to 1.5cm from the top.

Step 5 – Use a clean tea spoon to stir the hot water and tea bag clockwise six times only.

Step 6 – Discard the used tea bag (do not squeeze the tea bag against the side of the cup)

Step 7 – Add a dash of milk (if desired) and stir clockwise two times.

Step 8 – Add sugar (if desired) and stir clockwise two times)

Step 9 – Serve the cup of tea to the tea drinker with a satisfied smile on your face for a job well done (Possibly with a selection of biscuits or cakes).

Step 10 – Collect in the used cups and wash thoroughly.

And finally, when getting the tea round in it’s important to ask everyone of age (16yrs+) if they would like to have a cup of tea and share in the English tradition.

Club instructor tea order
Carl – Tea with milk
Amy – Tea with milk, 2 sugars
Vince – Tea with a small dash of milk
Lynne – Coffee (I know!) with milk (add coffee, then milk, then water)
Michael – Coffee with milk
Beth – NA
Roy – NA
Lewis – NA

Once a suitable training period has been completed, training record cards will be signed. We may also roll out a tea pot and complete additional training but let’s see how this goes first.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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