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Hartlepool Wadokai Sakagami Sensei Seminar

Hartlepool Sakagami Course 11.05.14

Start of Year course

Saturday 11th January 2014
Dojo HQ: 126 Whitby Street South, TS24 7LP


Today we held our Start of Year course. The 4 hour course is a great way to kick start the year because we covered all of the JKF-Wadokai basics, and drilled everyone on Kata, pairs and finished off with Kumite. For some this was the first session back to the club this year so they did will to survive it.

We ran out of time so we didn’t manage to cover Tanto Dori (knife defence) but we’ll build that into lesson plans over the next few weeks instead.

Well done to everyone who came along, there was a really good atmosphere all day and *most* worked really hard.


Finally, well done to Harvey who was presented with the Student of the Year award for 2013. Really well deserved. The award also comes with a 1 year scholarship to the club, meaning that Harvey can train as much as he wants with the club in 2014 for Free. Who would like the award next year?