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Help Nominate @ Hartlepool Wadokai

The idea is pretty straight forward:

In Hartlepool, 28% (33% according to endchildpoverty.org.uk) of children live below the poverty line, so instead of necking a pint, like the recent #NekNomination craze going around (which has allegedly led to some deaths!), we would like our Karate kids and families to ‘Help Nominate’ 2 people to donate to our Food Bank.

You must be nominated first to be able to nominate others & once nominated, you have 24 hours to beat the challenge.

HelpNominate Poster 03.02.14

The idea was formed by one of our Karate club parents, Ann (Harry’s mam) who created the idea after being inspired by this video:

Hartlepool Wadokai have adopted this as the ‘Monthly Challenge’ for February and Carl kick started it tonight (Mon 3rd) at the club. Our monthly challenges are usually ‘fitness’ or endurance based  exercies, Joe H won the January challenge by holding the Plank for a staggering 7 minutes! beating dancers, Karate athletes and iron man contenders in the process…Ann is also involved with Elwick Academy Northern arts Academy so it’s great that they are also supporting the campaign.

It would be great if some of our Karate friends throughout the UK tried a similar thing in their own neighbourhoods. Let us know how you get on… and don’t forget to Nominate!