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February 2015 Club Grading





Well done to all the Karate students and Little Ninjas who graded today at the club. It’s always great to see students working hard, progressing through the grades and leaving with a huge smile on their faces.

5 Little Ninjas graded & 11 Karate students, as follows:

NINJAS – White & Red belt: Noah Parkes, Ethan Hold, Ben Sotheran, Jake Chapman

NINJAS – White & Yellow belt: Evan Carney

Red & White belt: Samara Cartright, Rachel Starrs

9th Kyu – Red belt: Brenden Garrens, Finlay Lindridge, Anastasia Rogan

Yellow & White belt: Roman Scott, David Robson

8th Kyu – Yellow belt: Bailey Carter

Orange and White belt: Harry Wilson

7th Kyu – Orange belt: Adam Spires

6th Kyu – Green belt: Will Davidson

The next scheduled club grading is in May but we have a large number of new starters so we are looking at grading some beginners who weren’t quite ready for this one, to grade on an evening whilst the regular classes are on. It will just take a bit of time to pick a date as we have to work around Sensei Michael’s work commitments to ensure we have enough instructors.

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