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Busy weekend…

Really pleased with our Elite guys over this busy Karate weekend. Wadokai England Karate​ selections (part 2) on Saturday in Leicester & Northern Open Classic Karate Championship​ in Warrington on Sunday.

Some great performances and some medals too but I want to particularly highlight Paul White who was Northern Open Kata Champion. I thought it was telling of his character that he was more pleased about winning the bout with Niseishi Kata (which he’s been working his backside off for ages now) than he was at the fact that he was the category champion. Good lad.

Paul also got Bronze in Kumite too. I managed to catch his fight in the semi’s and it’s by far the best he’s fought yet. Very confident and strong, just outwitted at the last moment by the more experienced opponent. Keep up the hard work, it’s really paying off.

Our only Kata team entry, consisting of Harvey Kerridge, Daniel Spires and Joe Hind were Bronze medallists in a very very tough category.

Joe Hind had a very good weekend in the office, good performances at squad and he battled through a number of Kata rounds and just narrowly missed out on Bronze or potentially a place in the finals by just one flag. Frustrating after such strong performances all weekend but he managed to stay composed and fight his way to Bronze in Kumite on the afternoon. I probably owe him a High Five because he managed to polish off an entire man-size mixed grill and still have space for a giant ice cream on the Saturday night too.

Lewis Muldown had a mixed weekend with an exceptional Kushanku performance at selections on Saturday, unfortunately the same Kata didn’t get him past the second round in the competition. He lost to one of the medallists. Kumite was also frustrating with his opening bout being tied at 1-1 but losing on hantai (referee decision). Plenty to work on going forward to the World’s in August.

Joe Flounders had a good run out at squad selections but I was disappointed for him at the competition today. He was on my area for Kata early on the morning. I personally (I’m obviously biased as one of his instructors) thought his opening Kata performance was spot on, and by far the stronger Kata. Unfortunately he lost by one flag. That’s the way it goes sometimes. A few things to work on. I completely missed his Kumite.

Daniel Spires performed one of his best Niseishi Kata we’ve ever seen him do today, like, ever. Unfortunately his opponent was exceptional so he didn’t get through. The luck of the draw, but a cracking performance all the same.

Harvey Kerridge opening Kata performance wasn’t strong enough to secure the extra flag needed to progress. Needs to tighten up the punches slightly, and have a haircut to boot. Kumite I didn’t see but I’m told he narrowly lost out in the last few seconds of the match because of a cheeky head kick.

Good weekend. 420 mile round trip, not quite as far as our TKW friends from the South coast (maybe 450 miles-ish?) but still a fair run out.

Fair to say our squad guys have earned a few days break from training after some have had just 2 days off in the past 14 days!

Keep working hard guys.

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