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Wado-UK championships, Hull

All six of our squad guys headed to the Wado-UK championships in Hull last Sunday.


The competition was really well organised and ran exceptionally well (especially Tatami 5, which Sensei Carl was helping judge on 🙂 ),  meaning we were done and dusted by about 4.30pm.
It also had a nice and relaxed atmosphere, with Steve being the best tannoy guy I’ve heard… The entry numbers have been bigger but many of the categories had a really good mix of novice through to elite level athletes in, it was just unfortunate if you got an elite guy in round one (Paul in Kata).

All six guys had a good day, with very strong performances in Kata and Kumite. We also managed to get video footage of almost every performance too, so we were able to analyse them at the Monday competition class.

We’ve had more medals from different competitions and it’s always nice to be rewarded for good performances with medals, but I think it’s more important to keep challenging yourself as an athlete, keep entering bigger and tougher events so that you’re always improving. It might not massage the ego quite the same but at least real progress is made.

That being said, we did achieve some medal placings, and could have had more if fights went slightly different, or if the odd flag was the other way. That’s the way it goes, guys just need to keep sharpening their Kata technique and working in their Kumite ring craft and tactics.

Well done.

Joe Flounders – 3rd Kata, best 8 Kumite
Lewis Muldown – 3rd Kumite
Paul White – 3rd Kumite

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