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Hartlepool Wadokai Autumn Club-only championships

Saturday 3rd October

Yesterday we had our Autumn Club only championships. This was the biggest club competition we’ve had in recent years with 52 students entered, and 96 individual competitor entries.

The students were given a short warm up by Sensei Amy before we started the 3 Kata events.


Kata – beginners
1st – Leland Smith
2nd – Rachel Starrs
3rd – Oliver Long
3rd – Josh Bearby


Kata – intermediate
1st – Leyton Davis
2nd – Diego Bautista
3rd – Jack Solomon
3rd – Oakley Lindridge


Kata – advanced
1st – Lewis Muldown
2nd – Joe Hind
3rd – Harvey Kerridge
3rd – Daniel White

Following Kata was the Kick master, this is where the students attack a free standing kick bag for 30 seconds, they need to show off their punches and kicks and the person that performs the best goes through to the next round.


Karate Kick master
1st – Pennie Carter
2nd – Roman Scott
3rd – Leland Smith
3rd – Bailey Thornhill


Little Ninjas Kick master
1st – Sheena Takhar
2nd – Ethan Hold
3rd – Elliott Briggs
3rd – Joel Turner


Kumite 9 years & under
1st – Leyton Davis
2nd – Oliver Long
3rd – Pennie Carter
3rd – Bailey Thornhill

Kumite 10-12 years MALE
1st – Joe Flounders
2nd – Josh Bearby
3rd – Jack Solomon
3rd – Oakley Lindridge



Kumite 10-12 years FEMALE
1st – Mollie Cooper
2nd – Charlotte Brown
3rd – Keira Dore
3rd – Lucy Carter


Kumite 13-15 years
1st – Joe Hind
2nd – Conor Butterfield
3rd – Harvey Kerridge
3rd – Diego Bautista

The 10-12 years MALE kumite event was my personal favourite, because it had some edge of your seat matches, there are some very strong fighters coming through.

It’s always great to see the beginners getting on the mat for the very first time too, how they learn to cope with the pressure of performance, and it’s even better when they can walk off the mat, win or lose with a smile on their face because they’ve given it everything they could.

All in all, it was a good day. The students got some valuable competition experience, with many competing for the very first time.

From an organisational perspective, we will be sticking to awarding medals after each event from now on, saves time rounding up students later on.

In 2016 we will be running 3 club only championships (February, June/July, October) so we ask for your support in them – the dates will be in the next club newsletter.

Those who perform in the club only events should consider entering bigger and more challenging events. Next year the club will also be running the North East Open Championships (20th March, Dolphin Centre, Darlington), and a big event in November.

Additionally students may be selected by Sensei Amy to train with the Hartlepool Wadokai Squad, attend Wadokai England sessions and/or English Karate Federation (all style) sessions.

Thank you to Lynne, Michael, Amy and Roy for helping with judging and the volunteers for helping to set up, clean up and man the tables through the event.

Thank you especially to the students who accepted the challenge and entered the competition, and your good sportsmanship throughout.

Finally, thank you to the parents and supporters who encouraged and comforted the students before, during and after the events. It can be a real nerve wracking experience and the parents have a vital role to play in ensuring that Karate competition (whether students win or lose) are positive experiences. From personal experience, my most memorable fights and best performances weren’t neccesarily the ones I won.

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