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Hartlepool Wadokai Spring Club-Only Champs

On Sunday 8th May 2016, the club held its Spring Club-Only championships. This was the second of a series of four events this year. These events are designed so that even a complete beginner to Karate competitions can comfortably enter, and test themselves.

As instructors, it’s always a pleasure and a privilege to see our students taking a leap and entering competitions for the first time. It’s almost become a cliché when you say ‘it’s the taking part that’s important’, and obviously everyone can’t win a medal or trophy, so it’s important that we learn to win and lose with grace.

More importantly though, no matter whether we won the event or lost in round 1, our students are encouraged to reflect on their performances to see where they can improve. It is only through this #ContinuousImprovement that we learn to become champions on the mat, and in life. If we give up at the first hurdle we’ll never get anywhere…

The next event, the Summer Club-Only championships is taking place on Sunday 24th July. The sign up sheet will be available at the club from next week.

Some action shots of the Spring comp… (thanks to Lucy & Pennie’s dad)



League Results


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