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Impressive medal haul….

A squad of 6 Hartlepool Wadokai students entered the Wadokai England National Championship in Leicester today. The six students made up of Lewis Muldown, Paul White, Mollie Cooper, Daniel Spires, Joe Hind and Harvey Kerridge, had a successful day.

The boys 13-15 years category ended up with an all Hartlepool final seeing Joe win gold and Harvey Silver. Paul won a gold medal in the 16-17 years, and Lewis got a silver in his first 18 years and above category after coming of age only the day before.

Harvey, Joe and Daniel won the under 16 years team category. Excellent timing on the day!

For pairs, Harvey and Joe won another Gold in the under 16 years. Mollie and Daniel came out with a well deserved bronze in the same category. These two have shown excellent dedication preparing for this.

Lewis and Paul came away with the Gold medal in the over 16 years pairs kata. Great timing boys!

Wadokai Comp Sep 2016

Fighting took place on the afternoon. Mollie was first up. Mollie had the biggest categories of the day, but still did well in her first time at this competition. She got through a round in kata, and kept her cool in her fight. A great experience.

Harvey came away with a silver in his individual fight and Joe got bronze in the 14-15 years under 60kg.  Paul and Lewis both had excellent fights coming away with Silver medals each in their age categories.

A successful day for team Hartlepool Wadokai, with lots to work on and a haul of medals to be proud of. High five!

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