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Moscow State Circus = Awesome show!

Today we had the pleasure of visiting and supporting one of the clubs (& The North East Open’s) main sponsors, the Moscow State Circus. We have a very busy Karate schedule with most weekends taken up with Karate – just this weekend we had an open day and a birthday party at Dojo HQ and a squad competing in Leicester. Carl was also supposed to be in London for another event (which he skipped so he could catch this). So it was great that we could catch the show before it left the North East.


Sensei’s Lynne, Michael, Carl & Amy, along with Perrin (3 years) and Joe (1 year) arrived at Raby Castle with very little idea of what to expect. Our man who knows how to get things (we call him Red) introduced us to Anthony Anderson, who is one of the directors and wh is also from Hartlepool – it was great to finally meet face to face, if just for a quick chat before the show.

My cheeks were actually aching by the end from the laughing and smiling (and the occasional grimace). We’ve seen a lot of shows from the local theatre, to the West End to full blown Tokyo Disney and this matched any of the best for acrobatics and production value. We didn’t get many photos because we were too busy enjoying the show but we did get a couple of videos.

Despite the kids’ ages, they were absolutely glued to their seats. Joe didn’t blink when the women were in the giant bubbles. This video says it all I think…

I highly recommend this show, especially for kids. It’s fantastic!!! The show is heading South now, taking in Derby, Leicester and Worcester, where the club has many friends so visit the show if you can, you won’t be disappointed!!! #Awesome




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