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February 2015 Club Grading





Well done to all the Karate students and Little Ninjas who graded today at the club. It’s always great to see students working hard, progressing through the grades and leaving with a huge smile on their faces.

5 Little Ninjas graded & 11 Karate students, as follows:

NINJAS – White & Red belt: Noah Parkes, Ethan Hold, Ben Sotheran, Jake Chapman

NINJAS – White & Yellow belt: Evan Carney

Red & White belt: Samara Cartright, Rachel Starrs

9th Kyu – Red belt: Brenden Garrens, Finlay Lindridge, Anastasia Rogan

Yellow & White belt: Roman Scott, David Robson

8th Kyu – Yellow belt: Bailey Carter

Orange and White belt: Harry Wilson

7th Kyu – Orange belt: Adam Spires

6th Kyu – Green belt: Will Davidson

The next scheduled club grading is in May but we have a large number of new starters so we are looking at grading some beginners who weren’t quite ready for this one, to grade on an evening whilst the regular classes are on. It will just take a bit of time to pick a date as we have to work around Sensei Michael’s work commitments to ensure we have enough instructors.

December club grading

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December 2013

Dojo HQ: 126 Whitby Street South, Hartlepool, TS24 7LP

This was a really busy weekend for the club with student’s from 3 years upwards training and grading. The little ninja’s trained and graded over a 2 hour period – a long time considering how young they are! The younger/lower grade students trained for 3 hours on the Saturday going over the finer details of their grade. The actual test was done after the training. Higher grades completed 6 hours training over the two days and done their test on the Sunday afternoon.

There were some great performances, in particular the Little Ninja’s – they’re going to be Karate superstars if they stick in!!!

Congratulations to the following:
Little Ninjas – White & Red Belt

Oliver B
Oliver TD

9th Kyu – Red Belt

Pennie Carter
Joshua Reid
Damia Saracut
Lucy Carter
Jake Orley

Yellow & White Belt

Harrison O’Keefe

8th Kyu – Yellow Belt

Henry Nixon
Matthew Cain
India Clark

7th Kyu – Orange Belt

Dominic Cox
Daniel Shaw
Paul Weaton

Green & White Belt

Sashenka Lindridge
Megan Spires

6th Kyu – Green Belt

Tyler Vaughan
Connor Shepherd
Neil Codner

Blue & White Belt

Mollie Cooper

5th Kyu – Blue Belt

Joseph Flounders
Oliver Fraser
Christian Glover

4th Kyu – Purple Belt

Daniel Spires

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt

Harvey Kerridge

2nd Kyu – Brown Belt

Joe Hind

The next grading weekend is planned for 8th & 9th February 2014.

December @ Hartlepool Wadokai Karate Club

Chritstmas Tree

December schedule for Hartlepool Wadokai Karate club

December is another action packed month for the Hartlepool Wadokai Karate club with a grading weekend, a FREE end of year training course, kids Christmas party, adult Christmas meal & social, Child free shopping day, a club technical committee meeting & a regular committee meeting too.

7th & 8th December – Hartlepool Wadokai club grading (full details available from the club)

14th December – FREE end of year training course (full details available from the club)

14th December – club Christmas party (tickets available now, £3 each or £10 family ticket)

21st December – adult Christmas meal & social

23rd December – Child free shopping day (full details available from the club)

Christmas & New Year opening times

The classes will be merged and will be a great opportunity for the younger students to train with the older/higher grade ones, whilst the older students will be able to mentor the younger ones and start teaching.

The following schedule has been agreed:

Monday 23rd December
Kids Beginners & Family Class 5-6pm

Tuesday 24th December
No classes

Wednesday 25th December
No classes

Friday 27th December
Kids Beginners 5-6pm
Kids Intermediate & Advanced/Adults 6-7pm

Saturday 28th December
Little Ninjas (3-7yrs) 9.30-10am (all the Little Ninjas are able to attend this session instead of their usual class this week)
Kids Beginners & Family Class 10.30-11.30am

Monday 30th December
Kids Beginners & Family Class 5-6pm

Tuesday 31st December
No classes

Wednesday 1st January 2014
No classes

Friday 3rd January 2014
Full class schedule returns as normal


Club Training & Grading Weekend

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2013

The club has just finished holding a Training & Grading weekend. It was an opportunity for students to train for 6 hours across both days and specifically cover their grade syllabus. Those that were ready after the course were able to take the test for their next belt on the Sunday afternoon. The course attendance was much higher than we expected but all in all it was a successful weekend event.

Congratulations to everyone who trained, especially our younger students who are not accustomed to training for so long in one go.

A big well done to those that passed their grades.

This was the first weekend-long grading that we’ve done and we’re likely to tweak the format a little bit for the next one. e.g. We’ll most likely stagger the training & grading times for the different graded students.

We’ll also be fully rolling out our new grading syllabus for the next grading too. One or two students were also awarded the ‘new’ belts today which will help make the grades more achievable for the younger students, without ‘dumbing down’ the syllabus.

I’d like to thank the instructors and assistant instructors for helping out over the weekend.

Well done everyone


Club Grading – Sept 2012


The club recently held it’s September grading at Owton Manor Primary School.

Congratulations to the following:

  • Cameron Craig, 8th Kyu
  • Taslima Begum, 8th Kyu
  • Will Davidson, 9th Kyu
  • Joshua Blenkinsop, 9th Kyu
  • Joshua Scott, 9th Kyu
  • Niel Codner, 9th Kyu
  • Luke O’Connor, 9th Kyu

The next club grading will be held in early December.

Club Grading


This turned out to be one of the biggest club gradings we’ve had for quite a while with 30 students grading. Grades ranged from 9th Kyu right through to 1st Kyu keeping the instructors on their toes. Congratulations to everyone who graded tonight, some good performances to see:

9th Kyu

Dion Lee

Harry Newbury

8th Kyu

Simon White

Chris Hill

Callum Pedley

Rema Uddin

Connor Shepherd

Daniel Shaw

Leyton Davis

Dominic Cox

Nicole McMillan

Jacob Hodgson

Tyler Vaughan


7th Kyu

Megan Spires

Mollie Cooper

Khushru Khasimai

Joseph Flounders

Oakley Lindridge

Olivia Lindridge


6th Kyu

Rebecca Caygill

Jack Solomon

5th Kyu

Daniel Spires

Connor Butterfield

Bailey Lindridge


3rd Kyu

Phil Salmons

2nd Kyu

Roy Salmons

Daniel White

1st Kyu

Jasmin Langley

Lewis Muldown

Joel Copeman

As always, there’s plenty to keep working on, especially for the next belt. Keep up the hard work guys… Especially the trio who will now be working towards their Black Belt!

Hartlepool Wadokai Club Grading

Yesterday we had 19 students taking part in a club grading event at Owton Manor Primary School. We are pleased to say that everyone passed, and some managed to get first class passes in the process! The grade consisted of a little bit of training, followed by a test that included (depending on the grade) a combination of basics, Kata and Pairs work, all grades also included Kumite (Sparring).

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Joe Hind
  • Cassie Luke
  • Jasper Allison
  • Amy Atkins
  • Paul Mullender
  • George Charlton
  • Joseph Flounders
  • Mollie Cooper
  • Lauren Meddes
  • Ethan Bradshaw
  • Reuben McCarte
  • Gabriel McCarte
  • Jacob Hodgson
  • Dominic Cox
  • Ryan Picknett
  • Tyler Vaughan
  • Simon White
  • Chris Hill
  • Robert Stephens
 Well done to all students, the next grading will be late June/Early July.