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European Wadokai Karate Championships

Last weekend a number of club members were in Lisbon, Portugal for the 38th European Wadokai Karate Championships. They were selected as part of the 50 strong Wadokai England Karate Team. The Hartlepool competitors were Carl Jorgeson, Amy Jorgeson, Jasmin Langley & Bailey Reed. They were supported by Sensei Lynne Jorgeson & Sensei Michael Jorgeson who were both Refereeing & Judging at the event and also a number of parents.

The entire England Team performed very well and brought back over 60 medals in all (awaiting exact medal count), the four Hartlepool Wadokai competitors brought back an impressive 14 medals between them. They were 7 GOLD, 2 SILVER, 5 BRONZE.





Us coaches believed that Bailey & Jasmin both had the potential to medal at the event, despite this being their first ever European Championships (or they wouldn’t have been selected) but we were obviously very pleased with the actual results. Both competitors were tasked to train 15-20 hours a week for the past 6 months in preparation, then weekend training camps and competitions on top so they definitely deserve their massive medal haul.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank all of the club members who helped raise funds for the event and also to the other club members who formed an integral part of the athlete support network by keeping the four of us motivated, pushed us that little bit further and gave us a beating when we were too slow in fight training! I’d also like to thank the Sports Coaching staff at Hartlepool College of Further Education for their training advice and the use of their world class Cryospa which all helped to get us older competitors fit for the event.

Not wanting to take this result for granted, we’ve already started planning for next year’s European Championships which are looking to be held in Italy (Rome or Venice). Over the coming months we’ll be pre-selecting potential Hartlepool Wadokai students who can then try for the Wadokai England Team. If you would like to be considered for the squad next year then you should speak to Carl or Amy as soon as possible.

Wadokai European Karate Championships 2011

Today and Tomorrow morning sees members of Hartlepool Wadokai heading to Lisbon, Portugal to take part in the Wadokai European Karate Championships as part of the Wadokai England Karate Team. Veteran’s Carl, and Amy will be joined by squad newcomers Bailey Reed and Jasmin Langley. The team of four will be joined by Lynne and Michael, both judges at the event and a bunch of parents who will be cheering everyone on.

The four Hartlepool competitors have each been selected for every possible category they could have, those are: Individual Kata, Individual Kumite, Team Kata, Team Kumite so it’s going to be a very tough and very busy weekend but they will all no doubt do there very best.

We’ll try to keep everyone updated (it depends on the internet connection in Portugal) in some way, either through the club social network (Facebook, Twitter, this blog), or by good old fashioned telephone.



Hartlepool Wadokai Club-Only Championships – Rogues Gallery


Individual Mugshots of the competitors, and Podium pictures from today’s Club-Only Championships.

…Action shots will follow


Hartlepool Wadokai Club-Only Karate Championships 2011

Today we had our 8th Annual Club-Only Karate Championships, held once again at the Belle Vue Sports Centre in Hartlepool.

The competition started at 10am, and all events were done and dusted by 1.15pm (with a 30min lunch break!). Everything was cleaned away by 2pm. I’d like to personally thank all of the officials, students, parents and our dedicated volunteers for once again making sure everything ran like clockwork.

(Note to other comp organisers: We ran Kata events across 3 areas and Kumite events across 2)

To download a copy of the results, please Click Here.

Club-Only Karate Championships

At the end of the 2010 Club Championships

I’d like to remind all of our members that the ‘Hartlepool Wadokai Club-Only Karate Championships‘ will be taking place on Sunday 16th October at the Belle Vue Sports Centre. Registration will start from 9.30am and the event will start from 10am prompt. We are aiming to finish by approximately 4pm.

As the name suggests, this competition is only for our club and is therefore a perfect chance for students to try competition Karate for the first time. The event categories have been created to ensure that students compete within their current abilities and EVERY student will receive a custom made medal, just for taking part. We’ve got categories specifically for beginners (White & Red Belts) too, so our newer students won’t be ‘out of their depth’.

Entering competitions is by no means compulsory but as instructors, we feel it important for all students to compete at the earliest opportunity. Karate Competition provides a great opportunity for students to develop transferable key life skills such as:

• Healthy/active movement patterns
• Positive Attitude
• Increased Confidence
• Self Belief
• Life Long Learning
• Character Development
• Increased Attention Span
• Increased Social behaviour
• Social Acceptance
• Personal Skill Development
• Overcoming Obstacles
• Dealing with pressure
• Dealing with winning/losing
• Aiming for Excellence
• Overcoming Nerves

All of these life skills are learnt in regular Karate classes but we believe that the learning is accelerated in a competition setting.

We’ve invested over £1400 into this competition to ensure that the event is of the highest quality, just what our students deserve. We now need the support of parents and students to ensure the event is successfully attended.

I’ve attached the competition entry form and the latest club events calendar. ALL competition entries and fees must be received by Wednesday 12th October.

If you require any further information about this or any other event, then please contact me on 07984 798634, via email or speak to one of the officials/instructors at the club.

Best regards,

Hartlepool Wadokai

Hartlepool Wadokai JUNIOR Inter-Club Championships

Sunday 27th November 2011, Belle Vue Sports Centre, Kendal Road, Hartlepool, TS25 1QY

We’ve just put the finishing touches to our next Inter-Club championships, you can download the entry form here.

This is the first Inter-Club competition exclusively for those under 16 years of age that we’ve run so we’re really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. We’ve got Individual Kata, Pairs Kata and Individual Kumite events planned with the pricing designed  to encourage competitors to give both Kata & Kumite a go.  Entry fees as always have been kept to a bare minimum so we really hope to get the support from our karate friends to make the event a success.

Let us know if you’re planning to attend…

Hartlepool Wadokai Club-Only Championships ENTRY FORM

Sunday 16th October, 2011

Please download the entry form by clicking HW Cup Entry Form

July 2011 Karate Events

The club continues to go from strength the strength and July will be no exception with the club active over every weekend in some way. See below for details:

Saturday 2nd July – Throston Primary School Fun Day, 11-2pm
Throston Primary School 
Last year’s event was a great success with lots of activities going on. This year has an international theme and everyone is welcome. The Karate demo will take place from 1-2pm which will primarily be of the Throston Karate Kids BUT we are still looking for some more volunteers from our community classes.

Sunday 3rd July – Central Karate Championships, Birmingham
We’ve borrowed a mini bus from Hartlepool College of FE so we can take a larger squad than usual. If you would like to enter then the fees need to be paid by tonight (Wed), cost £12 per category and the club will cover the transport costs as usual. This will be a very early start (5am) and a very long day so it is only really suitable for our older students.

Saturday 9th July – Wayne Otto Kumite Course, 12-5pm
Belle Vue Sports Centre, Kendal Road, Hartlepool, TS25 1QY (Click here to download event poster)
Wayne Otto is one of the most successful Karate fighters in the world and is the current English and British national coach. This is the first time that he has visited Hartlepool so we would like as many students to support the course as possible. Costs: £15 juniors, £20 seniors.

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July – Club Camping Weekend & Sponsored Walk
See the poster for the full itinerary. This will be a fantastic team building weekend that is not to be missed. People are more than welcome to just come along on the Sunday for the sponsored walk if they’d prefer not to stay overnight.

Sunday 24th July – Hartlepool Borough Council Olympic Event, 11-5pm
We’re the only Martial Arts club to be invited to take part in this event so we’d like as much support as possible from club members. Please speak to Sensei Lynne to confirm your attendance.

Saturday 30th July – Club Fundraising event (Morrison’s Bag Pack)
Please speak to Julie Salmons (Roy & Phil’s mam) if you’re able to support this event.

The club was founded by volunteers and continues to be managed by volunteers so we are always looking for people to support us in any way. It’s only because of the continued support of our members that we are able to run so many events and offer so many opportunities for our members.

Without the support of our members the events will not be successful, we would therefore like to see the majority of our members at at least one of the above events in July if at all possible.

7th Hartlepool Wadokai Karate Championships

Full results can be downloaded by clicking here.

In the end we had 51 competitors entered into this year’s annual club championships. We would have had a few more but as always, a few people pulled out due to last minute nerves, injuries… or football/rugby matches (!).

Lewis (Blue) vs Paul (Red)

Registration for the competition started at 9.30am and I’m disappointed to say that the competition started 2 minutes behind the scheduled start time of 10am.

All the Individual Kata categories were over with within an hour with some reasonable performances. I’d like to say that some of the Kata performance were awesome but it’s against the Budo code to tell lies! At our Inter-Club (March 2010) and at the Aiwakai Nationals (May 2010) our Kata performances were good, looking at some of yesterdays performances it looks like that standard has slipped a little – but we’ll be back on form for the Aiwakai Kata Comp (December 5th!). It should be noted that for a lot of competitors, this was their first EVER competition and they did great!

Beth & Lewis, Pairs Kata

After the individual Kata, we gave everyone a 15 minute break and informed the Junior’s (Orange Belt – Brown) who they would be paired up with for Pairs Kata. Each Pair’s team then had only 15 minutes to practise together before the category started. In this section I was pleasantly surprised by the coordination in the performances, especially considering how little practise time they’d had. I think this is a great way of levelling the playing field and seeing how good people really are at Kata.

Kumite events started an hour ahead of schedule and before the officials even had their lunch break!

The Pee Wee’s (5-7yrs, White & Red Belt) were great… I’d say that our ‘safety first’ approach during training has paid off with most of the competitors fighting well out of distance – we’ll be building on this over the next few months with them, to get them fighting ‘within range’ more.

Daniel (Blue) vs Joel (Red)

The Kumite standard more than made up for the Kata standard across all categories, it was great to see some very strong performances from 6 year old Khushru (First Comp, White Belt), Reese (Red Belt), Paul (Green Belt) and Matthew (Purple Belt) as well as the old favourites… (You know who you are!). Once again the crowd were treated to a Connor Vs Jas final, this time with Connor taking the win.

Special Mention to Rachael who took Gold in Senior’s Kata AND Senior’s Kumite – well done! …also to the new Senior Men Champion, Graham who took the title away from Keith (…and took Silver in Senior’s Kata too!)

All events were finished by 1330 and we were all cleaned up and away by 1430.

I’d like to thank all the Officials & Volunteers who ensured the day ran like clockwork, and all the parents and students for coming along and supporting the club.