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Carl has recently returned to Teesside University to complete the final 40 credits of his Bsc (Hons) Applied Sport & Exercise Science Degree. These credits are achieved by handing in a 10,000 word dissertation on a research subject of choice, to be handed in around Christmas time.

Carl’s research project will analyse a number of final bouts of elite level (WKF Karate1 Premier League & WKF World Championships) Kumite (Fighting) matches. The scoring frequencies and technique choice will be analysed with the final report contributing in a small way to the limited body of research on the latest WKF Karate competition rules and their application.

The title is: Notational analysis of scoring techniques used in Karate competition’.


The dissertation is obviously highly relevant to the club and the wider Karate world. More than that though, this will be a great opportunity to be immersed once more in the latest cutting edge research in the Martial Arts world. Then of course, all this new knowledge will be brought back to the club and filtered down to our students.

Fitness Testing Part 1


Today Amy and Carl had the (dis)pleasure of taking part in some fitness tests at Teesside University. These formed part of Sensei Vince’ final year of his Sports Coaching & Exercise Degree. After a brief warm-up we worked on a bike which was hooked up to a computer which gave incremental resistance for a shattering 30 seconds. Our legs felt like jelly afterwards. Next was a ‘sit & reach’ test, grip test and as the photo above shows a vertical jump test.

We’ll publish  the results on here when we get them.

Carl was particularly pleased with his jump results but the lab technician decided the results must be dodgy because the score was similar to what pro basketball players get… hmmm…

A number of other club members are also taking part in the tests over the next few weeks too. It will be interesting to see the final results.