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Hartlepool Wadokai Sponsored Walk

22nd June 2013

We had to reschedule the sponsored walk at the last minute because the heavy rain flooded our Dojo HQ. A lot of people decided to help clean up the building instead, and because so many people came along to help, we got tons done.

The clean up crew

The clean up crew

Anyway, back to the walk. We had a great turn out once again and the weather was mostly kind to us on the day, with the rain waiting until the end. Here are some photos from the walk:


We’d like to thank everyone who turned out and supported the club, raising funds for our annual club-only championships. The fund raising helps take the pressure off the club’s families by helping to keep entry costs to a minimal, whilst ensuring that the competition is of the highest quality.

Hartlepool Wadokai End of Year Training Course & Kids Christmas Party

Today we held our End of Year Training course followed by our Kids Christmas Party to finish off a very busy, but very successful year for the club. We had 44 students turn up for the free training course and a staggering 92 kids (& a stack of parents) for the party! By far the best attendance we’ve had for a club event so far.

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I’d like to personally thank the instructors, students, committee, parents and volunteers for all their hard work and dedication over 2011. Also, a massive thank you to all the parents who donated raffle prizes and last but not least, to George Gowland for another great Disco (accompanied by Luke & Nick’s band!).

Training Course

This course has became something of a club tradition since Carl & Amy came back from training in Japan, with the course content being copied from Arakawa Sensei Shiramizu dojo’ End of year course.  After a thorough warm-up led by Sensei Amy, all the students completed a mammoth 1000 punches (of various types) and gruelling 1000 kicks. The Pee Wee’s especially showed fantastic spirit throughout! We finished off the session with a few Kata and a group shot (minus instructors).

Christmas Party

We held this party in a big sports hall because we had so many kids coming along. The Disco was provided by George Gowland (Tel: 07970 697779) and he was accompanied by Luke & Nick’s band, who played a 30min set to finish off the party. Catering was provided by Sensei Lynne, Michelle Butterfield and few other dedicated parents (Vicki, the flap jacks were my favourite {hint hint}).

During the party we also gave out a number of awards:

Cheerleader of the Year award 2011 – Miss Caroline Wilson

European Championships Awards – Jasmin Langley & Bailey Reed

Student of the Year 2011  – Roy Salmons

Committee Meeting Highlights – Important pricing information –

Thursday 15th September 2011,

The club committee were given a tour of the new £53million college campus by Head of Sport, Mr Shaun Hope and we are very grateful. After the tour we sat down in one of the very smart new conference rooms for a committee meeting. Highlights of the meeting:

  • The success of the club fundraising team, over £2000 raised so far this year (Up to September) for various charities including the Japan Tsunami Relief, Clic Sargent and Sport/Comic Relief.
  • Fundraising for the club has allowed us to pay for almost all travelling to external training courses/events so far this year (Over £3000 so far)
  • Hall Hire Increases at Belle Vue Sports Centre & General increases in operating costs (due in part to the 20% vat rate) have led to a slight increase in lesson prices, effective from 1st October. 1 hour = £3.50(+50p) / 1.5 hours = £4.00 (+50p) / 2 hours = £5.00 (+£1.50). Pay Monthly will continue to be offered as a reward to those who wish to train more frequently.
  • Committee Personnel – The club is now looking for additional volunteers to help out, and perhaps become members of the committee, please speak to Julie Salmons for more information.
  • AGM – set for Wednesday 9th November at Owton Manor Primary School, 7-9pm. All items for the agenda must be submitted in writing/via email no later than Friday 21st October.
  • Lesson Plans are continuing to be used effectively, we’ve now adopted a streamlined ‘schedule of work’ which simplifies the process significantly. For more information on this please speak to an instructor.
  • Grading Application Forms: These are now compulsory for ALL students wishing to take a belt test.
  • 2012 Events – Some HW dates have been set already, we are awaiting confirmation of event dates from Aiwakai to finalise the rest.
After the meeting, the committee headed to Marco Polo restaurant for a delicious, and well deserved meal.

Members fundraising adventures…

Two of our senior students, who also happen to be best friends, will very soon be testing their athletic endurance in the name of charity.

Chris, along with his wife Lisa, will be taking part in the famous Great North Run on Sunday 18th September to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. The takes thousands of people each year running, walking & crawling through the heart of Newcastle City. You can sponsor Chris & Lisa here, or you can sponsor my friend Jamie (who’s also raising funds for the British Heart Foundation, by clicking here.)

David will very soon (23rd – 25th September) be taking part in a massive bike ride in aid of ABF Soldiers Charity &  SSAFA. This 180 mile bike ride will be tough, but will take in some of the beautiful North East of England countryside. You can sponsor David on any of our club training nights.

If any more of our members are taking part in activities like this, then please let us know and we’ll do our best to support you.

Fundraising Night, 24th September

The club has organised a Fundraising night on Saturday 24th September at Hartlepool Divers Club, from 7pm onwards. The event will raise £’s for those from the club competing in the Wadokai European Championships (Portugal) as part of the Wadokai England Team.

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We’ve got a DJ AND a local band, The Collective playing live and two of the band members are students of ours (Luke & Nick) so it should be a good night all round.

Tickets are £3 each (including Pie & Pea) and are available on all club nights.    Everyone is welcome, don’t forget to invite your friends and family.

Summer Camp 2011

For the first time in a good number of years the club held a ‘proper’ Summer Camp, once again in the beautiful English Lake District.  The camp was held over the weekend of 16th & 17th July 2011 with the added bonus of a Karate training course hosted by Askam Karate Club on Saturday and our Annual Sponsored Walk* on the Sunday.

*The sponsored walk raises funds for our Annual Club-Only championships.

The weather was truly terrible, with heavy rain storms and zero visibility on some parts of the M6 (Motorway/Highway). Despite this we still managed to get a number of our own students to the training course which was a 60 min drive from the camping site. Some of the families with younger children rather sensibly decided to head straight to the camp site.

The training was a good mix of Kihon (basics), Kata (form) and Kumite (fighting) and was led primarily by the Hartlepool Wadokai instructors. It was great to see everyone trying extra hard when stood alongside someone from a different club, it made the training session even more enjoyable. Askam club treat us all to some delicious hot dogs and drinks before heading north to the camp site. On behalf of the club I’d like to thank Sensei Matt & Sensei Danny for their hospitality and hope to do it again some time soon.

The rest of Saturday evening was taken up with setting tents, playing lots of football/cricket, dodging the rain storms and lots of eating, drinking and general merriment. Amy and Carl also rather sensibly scouted out the proposed walk route for Sunday. The intended route ended up being a temporary swamp due to the heavy rainfall, so Plan B was decided upon. Walk from the camp site along Ullswater Lake to Pooley Bridge, and a bit of a walk from there.

We won’t talk about the fact that Plan B included a gentle walk up a hill, that promised spectacular views across Ullswater Lake. Naturally the view was blocked by overgrown trees (or we were at the wrong viewing spot), so the successful mountaineers were treated to an enthusiastic ‘high five’ by Carl instead.

We also won’t talk about the second part of the walk which involved a pretty walk to Dacre castle, which was abandoned due to adverse weather and a particularly busy road crossing that we didn’t fancy with a bunch of kids. So the castle became known as the ‘mystical pink castle’… with some of the parents believing that the castle doesn’t actually exist, much like the view from the top of the hill…. I guess you really had to be there.

Despite the typical British weather, the lack of views at the top of the hill, and an invisible castle everyone had a great time and even in the occasional spells of heavy rain, spirits weren’t dampened.

We’ve decided to make the camping trip an annual event from next year, we’ll find that castle some day!

Just for the record… the castle DOES exist, see below :-p

Pics courtesy of http://www.visitcumbria.com/pen/dacre-castle.htm

July 2011 Karate Events

The club continues to go from strength the strength and July will be no exception with the club active over every weekend in some way. See below for details:

Saturday 2nd July – Throston Primary School Fun Day, 11-2pm
Throston Primary School 
Last year’s event was a great success with lots of activities going on. This year has an international theme and everyone is welcome. The Karate demo will take place from 1-2pm which will primarily be of the Throston Karate Kids BUT we are still looking for some more volunteers from our community classes.

Sunday 3rd July – Central Karate Championships, Birmingham
We’ve borrowed a mini bus from Hartlepool College of FE so we can take a larger squad than usual. If you would like to enter then the fees need to be paid by tonight (Wed), cost £12 per category and the club will cover the transport costs as usual. This will be a very early start (5am) and a very long day so it is only really suitable for our older students.

Saturday 9th July – Wayne Otto Kumite Course, 12-5pm
Belle Vue Sports Centre, Kendal Road, Hartlepool, TS25 1QY (Click here to download event poster)
Wayne Otto is one of the most successful Karate fighters in the world and is the current English and British national coach. This is the first time that he has visited Hartlepool so we would like as many students to support the course as possible. Costs: £15 juniors, £20 seniors.

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July – Club Camping Weekend & Sponsored Walk
See the poster for the full itinerary. This will be a fantastic team building weekend that is not to be missed. People are more than welcome to just come along on the Sunday for the sponsored walk if they’d prefer not to stay overnight.

Sunday 24th July – Hartlepool Borough Council Olympic Event, 11-5pm
We’re the only Martial Arts club to be invited to take part in this event so we’d like as much support as possible from club members. Please speak to Sensei Lynne to confirm your attendance.

Saturday 30th July – Club Fundraising event (Morrison’s Bag Pack)
Please speak to Julie Salmons (Roy & Phil’s mam) if you’re able to support this event.

The club was founded by volunteers and continues to be managed by volunteers so we are always looking for people to support us in any way. It’s only because of the continued support of our members that we are able to run so many events and offer so many opportunities for our members.

Without the support of our members the events will not be successful, we would therefore like to see the majority of our members at at least one of the above events in July if at all possible.