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2012 at Hartlepool Wadokai

Last year was a very busy, but very successful year for the club with a very many people achieving their individual goals.

All of this was done thanks to the support of the club instructors, committee, volunteers and other support staff at the club. Most importantly though, it was down to the students (& their parents) buying into the strong work ethic at the club. Our students proved that through working hard you achieve results.

Before we re-start, I’d like our students to think about what they would like to achieve this year through training at the club. Do you have a goal weight to reach? Do you want to get the next belt? Learn the next kata? The next part of this is How are you going to achieve that goal? And how much time are you realistically going to be able to commit to achieving it?

We’ll be talking about this in more detail over the first few sessions of the year to see how we can help you.

2012 will be another good year with lots of great things planned.

I look forward to getting stuck back in to training from the 6th, see you all then…