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Fitness testing Part 2


Tonight we carried out a number of sport science tests on our competitors. These tests form part of Sensei Carl’s ‘Analysis of Sports Performance’ module in his Sports Coaching & Exercise Degree at Hartlepool College Of Further Education.

The tests were as follows:

The ‘illinois agility run test‘, Power on an electronic shield with Gyakuzuki (reverse punch). And finally we recorded a number of kumite matches from each fighter. This will be analysed by the clubs referee’s over the holidays for favourite techniques used, scoring techniques, movement patterns etc… and areas of improvement.

All this data will be used as part of the 2012 squad training program for our competitors.

(Special thanks to Mikaela White for working the video camera)

Fitness Testing Part 1


Today Amy and Carl had the (dis)pleasure of taking part in some fitness tests at Teesside University. These formed part of Sensei Vince’ final year of his Sports Coaching & Exercise Degree. After a brief warm-up we worked on a bike which was hooked up to a computer which gave incremental resistance for a shattering 30 seconds. Our legs felt like jelly afterwards. Next was a ‘sit & reach’ test, grip test and as the photo above shows a vertical jump test.

We’ll publish  the results on here when we get them.

Carl was particularly pleased with his jump results but the lab technician decided the results must be dodgy because the score was similar to what pro basketball players get… hmmm…

A number of other club members are also taking part in the tests over the next few weeks too. It will be interesting to see the final results.

…more Conditioning

Tonight (Friday) we once again invited along local dancing super star Bethany Muldown to lead our Advanced Kids Class. The session was similar to the Wednesday session earlier in the week but with a number of different exercises being taught.

All smiles at the end of another great session

As a Karate Instructor/Coach, I think its always important to keep pushing yourself to learn more. In Japanese this principle of ‘continuous improvement’ is called kaizen. This could be the eternal struggle of perfecting a technique or kata, or even studying a Sports Coaching Degree to ensure you’re at the cutting edge.  In this particular case it’s acknowledging that there are others who are better suited than us to lead certain sessions.

Bethany has studied dancing for many years, her core strength is particularly impressive and is proof that regular strength and conditioning training works!

Bringing in an external coach also has the added benefit of ‘mixing it up a little’. Even though a number of exercises that Bethany did were the same ones that we ourselves use when teaching, they may have been done in a slightly different way, or a stretch was held for much longer which seriously tested our bodies!.

The main thing I learned personally was that we are doing a lot of things right, we just need to arm our students with the skills to do more of these exercises in their own time at home. We also need to hold a lot of our stretches longer – it really makes a difference.

Lynne, our Chief Instructor with Bethany

Thank you once again to Bethany for giving up her free time for us, we really appreciate it and once again, everyone loved it!  Some of the parents liked it so much that they have asked Bethany to lead a weekly session just for them!

For those of you that would like to learn more about strengthening your core, check out PhysioRoom.com.

Are Dancers tougher than Karate folk?

24th August 2011
Group after a gruelling session…

The club was lucky enough to be visited by a local Dancing super star, Bethany Muldown (who is the big sister of one of our students). Bethany started dancing at the tender age of 2 years old and can only be described as a dancing machine! She dances with the Elwick Academy of Dance, arguably one of the most successful dance schools in the town so we were very lucky to have her along.

Bethany was leading our Family class in various strength and conditioning exercises. In particular core strength and flexibility, something that most dancers are very good at.

The feedback from the session has been very positive and we’re looking forward to having Bethany back in the near future.

SORRY about the poor picture quality, they were taken on a Blackberry and the camera isn’t very good!