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England ‘rainy’ season

Today we’ve had some truly crazy weather, the Met office even issued a severe weather warning. In the space of a few minutes, a massive amount of heavy rain fell. For those of you who have experienced Japan’s ‘rainy’ season will know exactly what I mean. The town’s drainage pipes etc are just not cut out for som much water so the local roads were turned into rivers. More important than that though, as you can see by the video clip, My vegetable garden took a pounding!

The timing of this downpour couldn’t have been worse, it was between two of our After School Club at Brougham Primary School and our community clubs. My mother and I had just stopped by my home to collect Amy (who’d just finished work), have a quick coffee and then head to the next class. This also meant that a lot of our students were travelling to our class, though thankfully everyone turned up safe and well – if a little bit wet!

..let’s talk about the weather

So, my shiny new phone has basically got  ‘Big Brother’ pre-installed, no not the really bad TV program, the secret service!  My phone knows who I am, where I am and what I’m up to… one of the benefits of this is that the phone can tell me what the weather is, where I am, and also where I’m going.

Today’s weather in Hartlepool, my home town has been a scorching 25 degrees celsius, with lows of 16 degrees… Tokyo, where we’ll be in a few weeks has been 33 degrees celsius, with lows of 27!!!

It’s actually hotter there at night than it is here during the day.

Needless to say that i’m probably going to melt when we land in Tokyo…